Making a Scene

Those who think bloggers have no social life should either think again or attend a meeting of the YulBloggers.
Here's a list of some of the people present: Metroblogging Montreal: Biggest Yulblog EVAR!
And some people's reactions to the event:
In English (or bilingual English/French):
In French:
Lots of people, all of them fascinating. Lots of fun, much of it free and open discussion about just anything. Fair amount of diversity, though recognizable features of many bloggers. Fair bit of bilingualism, much of it French-speakers speaking English. Great sense of community, despite a few definite subgroups. Good number of new people, none of whom seemed intimidated. All sorts of subtle things happening between some individuals (new relationships?). Formal proof that bloggers aren't anti-social.

All in all, a great party. Picture it this way: a group of about 80 people take over a bar on a Wednesday night. They spend the whole night (8p to some time past midnight) talking about all sorts of great subjects while drinking good amounts of beer and mixed drinks, leaving pretty good tips to the very welcoming staff. Many of those present talk publicly about their experience the following morning.


Jess said...

Bloggers so do have social lives!!! Blogging is all about social networking...anyway, here in leafy hindhead all the local bloggers (hold your breath - there are 5 of us!) are meeting up...omg!

Alexandre said...

Well, it's quite obvious to me, especially after going to Yulblog. But you surely know some "offliners" who see online communication as destroying social contacts IRL.
Five bloggers meeting up IRL is already more convincing to the naysayers than thousands of WoW players interacting on a daily basis.

As always, thanks for your comment!