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Been thinking about our upcoming move to Austin, TX. We'll be there by mid-December.

Looks like our neighborhood, Bouldin Creek, will be an interesting one. It's close to the (apparently trendy) SoCo area as well as downtown.

Been putting dots on a map for places of potential interest.

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Of course, much of my interest focuses on coffee and beer, at this point. But I often find out that this type of focus is a great way to learn a new place.


Feeling Good

Sometimes, my love for humanity is reaffirmed. One person who's helpful for this is ze frank.
He recently posted a simple video on a simple song he made:
ze's page :: zefrank.com: songs you already know : scared

And it was made into a fun video, which really captures a lot of what many of us need.


Exploring Online Tools for Teaching

Presentation (Slideshare)

Presentation file for Alexandre Enkerli's workshop on exploring online tools for teaching. Concordia University's Centre for Teaching and Learning Services (CTLS), November 12, 2007.


Other notes

    • Moodle Tools
      • "Content" (syllabus, slides, references, media)
      • Assignments
      • Grades
      • Journals
      • Forums
      • Podcast
    • Moodle Attempts
      • RSS Feeds
      • Wikis
      • Glossaries
      • Blogs
    • Blogging
      • Blogging Use
        • Self-publishing
        • Blogging as low-stakes writing
        • Blogging as sharing
        • Bridge with life, examples
      • Blogging Issues
        • Author-based
        • Less than thoughtful comments
        • Keeping up?
        • Writing style?
      • YouTube

        Broadcast Yourself

      • YouTube Use
      • YouTube Issues
        • Image quality
        • Streaming problems
        • Pulled-off content
        • Hater
    • Blog Types
    • Blogging as Publishing
      • Public intellectuals
      • Geeky version of Collège de France, Université populaire
    • Broad issues
      • Getting help for transcription
      • Online textbooks
      • Reusing material
      • Leapfrog
      • Mashup
      • Don Hinkelman on cellphones
        • We use cellphones for students to input a variety of things into their Moodle course...
          • reflections on the class
          • attendence in large lecture classes
          • quizzes after hours or homework
          • periodic email messages with vocabulary practice
    • "Outside" Tools
      • Meant for non-teaching uses
      • Students may already be learning
      • Thinking about use, not tools
      • Focus on personal favourites
    • Sharing Content
      • Quick and easy
      • Public display
      • Viral (share again, comment, blog)
      • Social ("persona" management)
      • Bookmarklets and RSS
    • Sharing Tools in Teaching
      • Peer-teaching
      • Learning environment
      • Self-publishing
      • Transmit information
    • Sharing Tools ("Social Software")
      • Flickr "almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world"
      • Del.icio.us "Social bookmarking"
      • Twitter "What are your friends doing?"
    • We live in fascinating times



    Veronic Belmont's Mahalo Prequel

    Mahalo Daily: Hello world!

    Nice pastiche (in both senses of the term). A hodge-podge imitation/parody of some of the most prominent video podcasts of the last few years.


    • Don't we get to vote?

    • Where's Tiki Bar TV???