Genetics and (National) Culture

A look at the interaction between genetics and social environment in the gregariousness associated with Williams Syndrome. It could be useful to define the concept of culture more carefully.

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The Future Is In The Past

Saw this one on Sivacracy. I like the fact that most of the computers we saw are Macs.

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Je suis déjà nostalgique. Pas tant du grand Boris que d'une certaine femme qui me hante et qui quitte pour une aventure catalane...

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The Slashdot Model (Spoof)

College Humor is achieving Onion-like insight with some of their videos. (A bit vulgar, though.)
This one is about business meetings using the Slashdot/Digg model for interactions.


Schools and Social Networking

The news item itself is somewhat confusing, seems rather one-sided, and over-uses statistical frequencies. But the issue at stake is quite interesting. It seems that, in the United States, many school administrations are greatly restricting the use of social networking and other online tools out of unfounded fears about the dangers of online communication. At the same time, educators and technology enthusiasts alike are finding ways to integrate social networking and other online tools in learning or teaching strategies.

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