New Transition?

Was checking some issues with my WordPress.com blog, which has been my main blog for a few months. Came back to check if my Blogger account was eligible for the beta. Turns out it is!
This might motivate yet another transition for me. Now that Blogger supports labels, it might be a good idea. Especially if it integrates other Google products like Measure Map.
We'll see.

So, my blogs, at this point...
  • Disparate 2
    • (This here newfangled blog, on the new beta version of Blogger)
  • Disparate
    • (My current main blog, on WordPress.com)
  • CriticalWorld Blog
    • (An academic blog thinking globalization through music)
  • Dispar
    • (My previous Blogger.com blog)
  • LJ
    • (My LiveJournal blog)
There's a couple of other blogs and blog-like things with my name on them (love to try out stuff), but these are the only ones with significant contents.

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