Hooked on Bread

Only noticed the Chowhound post about Lahey just now.
What I liked about the video "Minimalist" Mark Bittman did with "No-Knead Baker" Jim Lahey is that the notion is to "spread the word." I do prefer to spread Lactantia Our Country butter on bread, but "the word" is a more plentiful thing to spread. ;-)

After blogging about a video showing how to make bread without needing to knead the dough, I did my first batch of no-knead bread. Can't take pictures, unfortunately, but it's a very nice piece.
As in the video, nice crumb structure. Not as Frenchy, but there are some commonalities.
One thing I notice is that the contributions of the flour and the yeast really come through. In a sense, it's a very "plain" bread. It's not hiding anything. So you can easily imagine the combinations from this basic recipe.
One thing I'll experiment with is leavening agent. I have some undrinkable sour beer which worked quite well as a yeast culture for some bread I made. In my mind, the sourness would really fit this bread.

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